Why join NCGU?

db091By joining NCGU, you will become part of a network of organisations that support and develop a vast number of Ghanaian voluntary organisations and community groups.

You will have access to the experience, ideas and support of this network through our events, publications, email networks, training and information.

Through NCGU’s extensive programme of national policy work, you’ll be able to influence government initiatives and translate them into real benefits for your local community. By joining the national network, your voice will be stronger and better able to make a real difference. NCGU is the only Ghanaian National Umbrella Body in the UK and this means that we can focus on the issues that really matter to Ghanaians.


Who can join?

Regional Ghanaian Unions, Groups and Associations in the UK. Local community groups are encouraged to affiliate to their Regional groups in order to benefit from our services. In order to join NCGU, you will have to download and fill in the application form or you may contact the Secretariat for more information.

Membership dues for the year are broken into quarterly manageable amounts. Contact the Secretariat for more detailed information.