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Regional Affiliate Unions' Delegates

The Regional Affiliate Unions are represented in the NCGU by nominated Representatives as Delegates to the National Council. Each Regional Union may nominate 2 or at most 4 Representatives depending on the size/population of their region.

Greater London Region - Member profile

Greater London Region is a welfare organisation committed to serving the Ghanaian community in the Greater Lon Region & has been working hard to ensure that we are able to connect and keep the community informed. We work in partnership with external agencies, regional members, governmental organisations and others for the benefit of the Greater London Regional community.

The Greater London region aims to improve the welfare in the region's Ghanaian community with its vision under a new elected officers working for the benefit  of all across the regions Ghanaian community.

Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I




Ghana Union Midlands- Member profile

Ghana Union Midlands popularly known as GUM in its new reconstituted form, as the regional umbrella body for Ghanaian groups in the Midlands region, was formally incorporated and registered as a charity (Registration no:1160692) with the Charity Commission in April 2015. The union is currently led by Dr Quaye Botchway and Odehye Nana Kwasi Asiedu-Ofei as President and Vice-President respectively.

GUM has had a rather chequered history. In its 48 years of existence, the union has gone through different stages of development. It started around 1967 as the Birmingham African Students Union supporting Ghanaian students, and also other African nationals studying in Birmingham at that time. It later evolved in 1970 as the Ghana Union Birmingham as a result of the increased numbers and diversity of the Ghanaian community in the West Midlands Region. In those days, there were hardly any Ghana Union activities in the region, and Birmingham was the centre of attraction where major Ghanaian activities took place for the Ghanaian community in the Midlands region. Today things are different as we now have a growing number of Ghanaians residing across the Midlands region. This has also resulted in the formation of various Ghanaian unions, associations, churches and other groups in the Midlands region.

In 2010, the Ghana Union Birmingham moved on to a new direction in the next stage of its development, and changed its name to Ghana Union Midlands. The union later took on a challenging task and the lead role in bringing all the major Ghanaian groups in the Midlands region together under one roof at the memorial service organised by GUM for the late Prof. John Atta Mills, President of the Republic of Ghana. Consequently, it was unanimously agreed by all the groups who took part in the memorial service to form a regional umbrella body in the Midlands region in order to present collective views on matters affecting Ghanaians residing in the Midlands in engaging with UK policy makers, statutory bodies and the Ghana High Commission in London.    

The concept of the umbrella body allow members to work together as a hub and spokes network organisation, whilst at the same time each group within the umbrella body retain its autonomy and identity managing its affairs at local level. Working in collaboration in a coordinated way provides us with a unified voice for the Ghanaian unions, associations and other groups in the region than any individual group could do on its own in dealing with matters affecting the Ghanaian community in the Midlands region.

Dr Quaye Botchway

Ode Hye Asiedu Ofei

lvor Agbemanyale

Ghana Union of Greater Manchester - Member profile

Ghana Union of Greater Manchester has been serving Ghanaians in the Greater Manchester area since 1945.
Governed by its constitution, the Union is led by the Executive Committee which ensures that all activities are designed and executed with the view to promoting and enhancing the wellbeing of its members.
Although the Union is a membership organisation serving the interests of its members, some of its services are extended to every other Ghanaian and friends of Ghanaians who may be in need. To this end, the Union aims to build the reputation of being the one organisation all Ghanaian residents in the Greater Manchester Region can look up to for support and assistance.
Please visit our website for more information.

Pastor Yaw Adu-Dzumaa

Papa Kweku-Andoh

Dr Lincoln Aniteye

Ghanaian Community of Bradford - Member profile

The idea of reforming a Ghanaian association in Bradford was birth at a memorial service held for the late mother of one of our prominent member. At this function Mr. Wisdom Sateklah, the current chairman, announced to all present that there is the need for us to come together to form an Association. The aim will be to look after each other and provide help to one another in times like this. He further promised to arrange a meeting for all Ghanaians in Bradford to meet and discuss the idea further. Eventually the idea culminated into a meeting at Park Lane Centre in Bradford on 3rd July 2010 where an encouraging number of eighteen Ghanaians and two non-Ghanaians attended.

Following the positive feedback from that initial meeting, subsequent meeting was held on 7th August, 2010 attended by twenty people. It was at this second meeting that the motion to form a legally recognised Association to be known as the GHANAIAN COMMUNITY BRADFORD (GCB) was carried. The meeting consequently nominated six (6) of the members present to form an interim executive until a general election was called.

The GCB currently have over 120 registered members of whom 85 are paid up and active members. Our address is 34 Bell House Avenue, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 6JW. GCB can be contacted by phone on 07577945903 or by email on Ghana Bradford or info. For more information visit our website by clicking here or follow us on facebook.





Ghanaian Union Leeds - Member profile

The Leeds core Ghana Union values are Friendship, Community and Unity.

We are a Charitable Non-Governmental Organisation of Ghanaians and people with relational links with Ghana living in the Leeds and Yorkshire Region of the United Kingdom. We pursue and live our values by the following:

We secure for ourselves and our loved ones the blessings of sharing and caring, and the joy of continuous contribution towards the development of ourselves and of Ghana and the UK, and in the sharing of friendship and peace with all peoples.

We provide resources to our children, giving them access to the best education available for them to achieve their goals in life and pursue useful carriers, fulfilling their God given potentials.

We assist students from Ghana studying in the UK with their integration, housing, maintenance and other support while in the UK.

We identify our members’ needs and offer them support in the areas of Business, Health, Birth and Death, Legal, Education, Insurance, Employment, and other relevant matters.

We pay particular attention to the vulnerable and members with addiction and other physical and mental health challenges and support them in their treatment and recovery.

We promote Economic, Social, Cultural, Religious and Civic activities in order to foster the bonds of peace and unity and live more fulfilling lives.

We support members, as tourists, visitors, students and workers in their integration into the UK community. We also assist with their re-integration when they return to Ghana, linking them up with local professionals to share experiences, challenges and prosperity.