Executive Committee

Governance structure of the organisation is entrusted to the Executive Committee (EC) which is elected every two years at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) by paid-up members. The EC is lead by a Chairman and ably supported by Executive Officers as listed below with their profiles.

Executive Committee Officers

Dr Quaye Botchway


Provide clear and visible leadership and assume the general strategic responsibilities of the Council. Preside over all Council meetings. Direct and maintain order at all meetings following established procedures. See to the day-to-day administration of the Council.

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Deputise in the absence of the President/Chairperson. Perform any other function as delegated by the President/Chairperson.

Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I


The Secretary shall have an Assistant called the Organising Secretary and shall be responsible for the following: 
Act as the first point of contact for all external communications with the Council and to respond promptly to all correspondences, telephone and email inquiries and passing and circulating information to the Chair, the Executive and Secretariat and where appropriate to the Unions. Devise effective office systems to maintain and keep up to date Register of Regional Unions, records, documents and files. Establish and provide efficient administrative and secretarial functions for the Council


Organising Secretary

Assistant to the Secretary in running the Secretariat,



The Treasurer shall have a deputy and shall:  Oversee the Council’s Treasury functions and ensure that the finances, resources and assets are properly managed. Advice the Council in formulating financial strategies to support the broader aims of 
 the Council. Ensure appropriate policies and financial control procedures are put in place in the management of the Council’s finances. Take custody of all monies paid to the Council or any donations and to pay all such monies into the account of the Council promptly. Prepare the Council’s annual budgets and cash flow statements and present these to the Executive for approval. Prepare and present quarterly management accounts and budgets to the Executive. Account for the financial situation of the Council annually or at any time it is called for. Serve as a co-signatory to the Council accounts.  


Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer is the deputy to the Treasurer in overseeing the financial affairs of the organisation.


Publicity Officer

Responsible for publicising the affairs of the organisation.