meeting-311861_1280The National Congress of Ghanaian Unions, UK (NCGU) is the main Umbrella body in the UK that was set up with an aim to bring together all the Regional Unions to foster a more cohesive platform for community engagement and joint action underpinned by our values of accountability. We are a non political, non religious vital bridge between local groups and national government, taking the lead on issues that matter most in terms of local support and development. We provide our members with networking opportunities, specialist advice, support, policy information and training. We influence national and local government policy to strengthen local voluntary and community action.

Aim & Objectives

We aim to assist the Ghanaian Community in the UK more effectively by not only recognising existing need but also identifying new ones that we hope would result in promoting a better quality of life.

To do this, we identified three main objectives that will underpin our operations and that we believe are the main areas of focus.


happy_64pxGhanaians living in the UK are faced with overcoming numerous social challenges such as Poverty, Lack of employment opportunities, lack of quality education, lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable childcare, lack of access to training, immigration, family breakdown, The fear of gangs recruiting Ghanaian youth, Ghanaian youth disengaging with their cultural heritage and many more.


bargraph_64pxWe tap into available community and human capital resources to assist our members in seeking out opportunities in business and employment services to elevate the economic life of Ghanaians in the UK.

Advocacy & Lobbying

megaphone_64pxWe identify issues of importance that could potentially affect the UK Ghanaian Population negatively. Identified advocates will lead in lobbying the appropriate agencies that are either responsible or that have the power to effect change to bring about a positive outcome.

How we work

tree-200795_1280The NCGU is a voluntary organisation committed to serving the Ghanaian community in the UK. Regional Unions have been working hard to ensure that we are able to relate to and keep the community togetherness. We work closely with other Voluntary organisations and external agencies quasi, non-governmental organisations for our mutual benefit.

This section presents an overview of what we have to offer members of the National Congress of Ghanaian Unions. The Organisation’s existence and operation is guided by its Constitution and policies, which is available to download for your information.